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When you work with NCPD Service, you’ll notice the special things that make us different from other plumbers in Arden, NC. We care about our customers, apply our passion for plumbing to every job we complete, and invest in education and tools to make our services the best they can be. We are 5-star rated for a reason, and that’s because our customers consistently love the attention and workmanship we provide.

Our services include everything you need, from drain cleaning to quality water heater services. We appreciate all of the things that make Arden unique, from the beautiful surrounding landscapes and access to nature like Lake Julien Park to the distinct historical houses in town, dating back to the early 20th century.

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What is Drain Cleaning?

Drain cleaning is an umbrella term for multiple methods of clearing out any build-up, residue, or blockages in your pipes. This includes clogs in specific drains, as well as back-ups throughout your whole system. A plumber in Arden should be able to clean your drains efficiently with noticeable results, as you’ll go from slow or unusable drains to a smoothly flowing plumbing system.

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Do I Need Water Heater Repair or Replacement?

It is not always obvious if a water heater repair or replacement is better. That’s why it’s crucial to consult the experts at NCPD Service. A water heater that would benefit from repairs is likely newer. It may only have a problem with one part that can be easily replaced. It should still be a good fit for your needs, outside of the current, acute issue.

If we recommend a water heater replacement, it’s likely because your current water heater has aged past the point of viability. Sometimes a repair may not be worth it, if your water heater will need to be replaced anyway in a year or two.

We may also suggest replacing your water heater if it can’t keep up with the current demands of your household. If you constantly find yourself running out of hot water, a new water heater is likely a good idea.

What Are the Most Common Problems With Sewer Lines?

First, if you notice something wrong, you should call the experts at NCPD Service for sewer line services of all kinds. Whether you need your sewer line cleaned, inspected, repaired, or replaced, we have the tools needed to help. Some of the common problems you may encounter include:

We are ready to jump in with sewer line repair or replacement when something goes wrong. We begin with a sewer camera inspection to see exactly what’s going on without disturbing your yard or landscaping. Contact us today to schedule an estimate!

Do I Really Need Repiping?

If your pipes are in good condition, then it is unlikely we will recommend repiping. Even small leaks can typically be repaired. However, if you see constant leaks throughout your home, then yes, you may need repiping.

We will first evaluate and examine the pipes in your home, then suggest a solution. This may include repairs, partial repiping, or the full repiping of your entire home. As plumbers in Arden, we take this seriously and do not recommend repiping unless absolutely necessary.

There are several benefits to repiping, however. For example, your home value will increase with a new set of pipes. You will also experience a more functional plumbing system and potentially cleaner, safer water.

Our Other Services

NCPD Service offers a full range of useful plumbing maintenance, installation, and repair services in Arden, including the following additional services not mentioned above.

Commercial Plumbing

We not only provide residential services, but we also are commercial plumbers in Arden, NC. Our commercial services vary widely and are backed by years of experience working with local businesses in Western North Carolina.

Water Filtration

Concerned about your water? Maybe you’ve noticed an “off” flavor or there’s residue left behind when you clean dishes and utensils. We can install water filtration systems that will give you cleaner, reliable drinking water.

Remodeling & New Construction

When you’re working on a major project, like a remodel or new construction, our Arden plumbers at NCPD Service will be your partner. We work directly with both you and the general contractor to determine your plumbing needs, based on your unique goals.