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Drain Cleaning in Asheville, NC

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Keep Your Drains Clear With NCPD Service

A clogged drain can be a smelly, unpleasant mess, especially if you haven’t had your drains cleaned in years and residue has built up over time. At NCPD Service, we offer multiple types of drain cleaning in Asheville, depending on the nature of your problem.

If you have a localized clog in one location, like the kitchen sink or bathtub drain, we may use snakes or augers to clear that drain and make it usable again. However, if your problem is more pervasive, we may recommend a service like hydro jetting that comprehensively removes grime and build-up from your pipes.

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How to Tell When You Have a Clogged Drain

Recognizing the signs of a clogged kitchen or bathtub drain can help you take action before the problem worsens. Look out for the following indications of clogs:

If you notice any of these signs, it’s essential to address the clog promptly to prevent further damage to your plumbing system. Contact NCPD Service, and we’ll dispatch our skilled technicians to unclog your drain.

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Our Drain Cleaning Services

At NCPD Service, we offer comprehensive drain cleaning in Asheville, NC to meet your specific needs. Our services include:

Kitchen Sink Unclogging

A clogged kitchen sink can disrupt your daily activities and make meal preparation a hassle. Our expert plumbers will identify the cause of the clog, whether it’s due to food debris, grease buildup, or other factors. We’ll use effective techniques and tools to clear the clog and restore proper drainage to your kitchen sink.

Bathtub Drain Unclogging

A clogged bathtub drain can turn your relaxing baths or showers into a frustrating experience. Our skilled technicians will examine your bathtub drain, remove any blockages, and ensure smooth water flow. Whether it’s hair, soap scum, or other substances causing the clog, we have the expertise and tools to unclog your bathtub drain efficiently.

Hydro Jetting

For stubborn and severe backups throughout your plumbing system, we offer hydro jetting services. Hydro jetting involves using a high-pressure stream of water to clear out blockages and buildup within the pipes. It effectively removes grease, scale, hair, and other debris, restoring optimal flow and preventing future clogs. This process can even clear your sewer line, if it is clogged with debris, removing minor incidences of tree root intrusion and other problems that have the potential to become serious.

Pipe Inspection and Repair

In some cases, a clogged drain may be a symptom of a more significant issue within your plumbing system. Our team is equipped with advanced camera inspection technology to assess the condition of your pipes. If we identify any damage, cracks, or blockages in the pipes, we can provide professional repair or replacement services to ensure long-term functionality.

The Importance of Professional Drain Cleaning

While DIY methods and over-the-counter drain cleaners may offer temporary relief for minor clogs, professional drain cleaning in Asheville is essential for the following reasons:


Professional plumbers have the expertise and tools to accurately diagnose the cause of the clog and apply the most effective techniques for removal. This ensures a thorough and long-lasting solution to your clogging issues.

Prevention of Further Damage

Improper unclogging techniques or the use of harsh chemicals can potentially damage your pipes, leading to leaks, corrosion, or further clogs. Professional plumbers employ safe and effective methods that preserve the integrity of your plumbing system.


Some clogs may be a result of underlying issues such as sewer line blockages or tree root intrusions. Attempting to resolve these complex problems without professional assistance can be dangerous. Plumbers have the knowledge and experience to handle these situations safely.

Time and Convenience

By requesting professional drain cleaning services in Asheville, you save valuable time and effort. Plumbers quickly identify and resolve the issue, allowing you to focus on other important tasks.

Preventive Tips for Avoiding Clogs

To minimize the occurrence of clogged drains, consider adopting the following preventive measures:

Following these preventive tips can help maintain clear and efficient kitchen and bathtub drains, reducing the likelihood of clogs in the future. You will also want to have routine drain cleaning in Asheville, NC every few years to remove any stuck-on grease, built-up debris, or emerging blockages.