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Repiping in Asheville, NC

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NCPD Service is your source for quality repiping in Asheville, NC. Many homes in Asheville were built before 1940, retaining historic characteristics that make our city charming and unique. However, this means you may have an aging plumbing system on your hands, especially if your pipes have not been replaced in decades.

If you’ve noticed major problems with your plumbing system lately, including frequent pipe leaks, you may want to consult with a plumbing professional about the possibility of replacing your pipes. Once you do, you will not believe the difference. Better water pressure, improved water quality, and faster drains are just a few of the benefits of having old, malfunctioning pipes replaced, not to mention the relief that comes from knowing you’re less likely to deal with leaks.

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What is Whole-House Repiping?

In Asheville, whole-home repiping is the process by which all of the water pipes in your home are replaced. Repiping may also generally refer to the partial replacement of pipes in your home or commercial building to address more localized problems. Typically, repiping is a service only recommended if your pipes will no longer be usable in the short term or if it is decided that the potential future cost of repairs will be higher than the cost of replacing your pipes.

Only a professional plumbing company like NCPD Service can perform repiping services. This is a major project in your home, and it requires extensive experience to get right. You may want to couple something like this with a larger remodeling effort, improving both the external appearance of your space and its infrastructure at the same time.

Why Do I Need to Get My Pipes Replaced?

There are multiple reasons why we may recommend repiping in Asheville for either all or part of your home or commercial property. This is a major service that requires significant time and expense, so we do not recommend it lightly.

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Constant Pipe Repairs

If you have already had to request multiple pipe repairs, it may be a sign that there is something bigger going on. Your pipes may have been improperly installed, or the material may not be strong enough to withstand your usage. Only a plumber will be able to tell you exactly what’s going on with your pipes.

Corroded or Rusted Pipes

If you notice rust in your water, it may be a sign that your pipes are degrading. Both rust and corrosion mean your pipes are weakened and less likely to hold up to normal wear and tear. Plus, it is unhealthy and unpleasant to consistently drink or use water from rusted or corroded pipes.

Aging Pipes

If your pipes are over half a century old, they may require replacement. Their longevity will depend completely on the material out of which they are made, but most pipes do begin to degrade over time. If you know your pipes are getting old, it is smart to request an inspection from plumbers like those at NCPD Services, so we can evaluate your system and tell you whether or not you need repiping in Asheville, NC.

Outdated Materials

You may not immediately notice something wrong with your pipes, but certain types of piping material that were in use a few decades ago are now no longer deemed acceptable by most plumbers. Galvanized steel pipes, for example, have a protective coating that wears away and can leach lead into your water as it wears down. Other materials are known to break too easily.